Why You Need the 24 Karat Gold Vibrating Beauty Bar

So the 24 Karat Gold Vibrating Beauty Bar is the hottest new beauty item on the market, it is all the rage in Japan and Korea and after falling in love with the jade roller which is also a big deal in Asian Skincare I just had to try this thing out!

What is it?

A T shaped facial tool that is plated in 24K gold and emits 6000 micro vibrations per minutes

How to use it
Either wash your face and apply your moisturizer or serum as normal, use the gold bar while your lotion is still damp and massage in upward strokes on your face for about 3-5 minutes, the longer you use it for the better the results you will get!

But Why Does It Work So Well?

The combination of the gold ions and the micro vibrations help to stimulate facial muscles and turn helps to tighten, lift, and contour the skin.

We had our senior beauty correspondent try out the 24 Karat Gold Vibrating Beauty Bar for a month and report back to us because before we bring any type of beauty product you use on your face to the forefront of our store we want to make sure that it actually works and is legit!

Shelby Reese, our senior beauty corespondent told us that it quickly became a part of her daily beauty routine because it helps SO much with lymphatic drainage, even more so than the Jade Roller because of the gold ions and vibrations. It helps to get rid of that afternoon puffiness and and define your jaw line and cheek bones!

Always an added bonus! She says that she uses it at night as well after putting on her facial night cream to help the moisturizer better penetrate the skin.
After putting it on just relax on your bed or couch and let the vibrations sooth and hydrate your face for a good 10 minutes or so, it is such a relaxing ritual!

Always use it in an upward motion to give yourself a mini facelift and make sure to fully embrace the vibrations around the jaw line and cheek bones to give it the maximum affect.

Happy Massaging!!!


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