Tibetan Singing Bowls Chakra Healing Powers

        Tibetan Singing Bowl Chakra Healing

Sound healing is nothing new, it is a practice that has been occurring for hundreds of thousands of years and the west is finally starting to catch onto the benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowls Chakra Healing Powers.


Sound and specific vibration is fundamental for healing our bodies and putting out good vibes into the universe. The beautiful and melodic tones can deeply penetrate our body, mind, and spirit and Tibetan singing bowls chakra healing powers are immense.

Singing bowl healing is the use of these harmony producing sounds and their benefits on a persons health and mind. Tibetan singing bowl healing is being recognized more and more as a way to heal illnesses and anxiety.


Tibetan Singing Bowl Chakra Healing

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It is a very common practice to using Tibetan singing bowls. We all know what chakras are; the energy centers the run from the crown of our heads to the base of our body. Chakras have individual tones associated with them and the tones match u with the range of sound that Tibetan singing bowl produce


One method of how Tibetan singing bowl chakra works is for practitioners to tap into a several chakras at the same time through the resonance of the sounds made by the bowls.


Different sized Tibetan Singing Bowls are better suited for helping with different chakra healing.


Tiny Bowls under 5”


These are good for healing the upper chakras and helping to cleanse your aura.


Small Bowls 5” to 6”


Good for their portable nature and for helping to balance the upper body chakras as well


Medium Bowls 7” to 8”


They produce a bigger sound variety than smaller bowls but are still small enough to bring with you when traveling. They are considered the perfect healing size as they are good for all chakras.


Large Bowls 9” to 13”

They have an even bigger tone than the smaller bowls are great for helping to balance the lower chakras, specifically your root chakra.

Giant Bowls are bowls 13” and up


These are wonderful for healing the lower chakras and producing the biggest sounds in the Tibetan Singing Bowl Charka Healing World.

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Singing bowls vary in size and each size is beneficial for Chakra Healing and helping to balance out and heal your body.



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