The Symbolic Meaning Of The Peacock


The peacock, touted for its beauty, has many different meanings and symbolic associations across many different religions around the world. Its many different colors and radiant feathers signifies integrity, truth, honor, and making sure to love one’s self. When a peacock enters into the Frey they strut in confidently and gracefully as if nothing is wrong. So not only is the peacock a symbol of beauty but also strength and courage no matter what the external circumstances.

The peacock helps one to also use their past as a lesson and a teacher not a burden that holds one down. One can use the past and its lessons as a guide that can assist in creating a brighter future for one’s self. It is also important to know that though confident they are not arrogant. So the peacock is also a symbol of happiness, laughter, and having a kind heart.


Commonly referred to symbolize integrity, doing what you say, truth, honor, beauty, and strength this bird is a part of the pheasant family but also has references to

  • Self-Esteem
  • Humor
  • Vision
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Long Life
  • Confidence
  • Awareness
  • Leadership Skills
  • Enjoying Life
  • Resurrection
  • Being Well Balanced
  • Light Hearted
  • Self-love

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The peacock is native to Southeast Asia and countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, China, and Sri Lanka. Many religions even consider them to be sacred and are considered to be a good sign and omen. Here we take a look at how some religions around the world look at this pheasant bird:


Buddhism - When open a fully flaunted peacocks tail looks of a huge Chinese hand fan. This symbolizes openness and acceptance to Buddhists. One of the references a peacock symbolizes is long life or immortality. This is because the peacock was well known to eat plants that were poisonous in nature and would kill if eaten by humans. Buddhists thought that because of this peacocks could not only live but do so with ease even though they were enduring major suffering. To the buddhist, the peacock in every sense of the word signifies purity, hence why their feathers are often used in purification ceremonies.


Hinduism - In the Hindu religion there are two well-known figures known as Lord Krishna and Lakshmi. The goddess Lakshmi in Hindu signifies having a compassionate heart, being kind, virtue, patience, and good fortune. Lord Krishna was well known to garnish peacock feathers all around his head and were decorated on his flute. Some even said that the peacocks personally gave their feathers as a gift to Lord Krishna. 


Christianity - A peacock is the symbol of purity. Christians believed that once someone has passed their soul rises and goes to heaven. This is why early christians would spread the feathers of a peacock over the deceased since it symbolized a pure soul that was immune to corruption. The feathers were used as a measure to prevent the decaying of the human body as well. The peacock represents immortality, resurrection, and the spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ and the christian church.


India - Just as the peacock was immune to poisonous plants in China the same is so with snakes in India. Known as the “Snake Slayer” they are thought to be immune to the poison contained in a snake’s venom and it is even believed that when a snake is killed and eaten by a peacock, the venom travels into the feathers providing a special radiance


Greek mythology - In Greek mythology, the peacock has associated with Hera the wife of Zeus and the queen of the Ancient Greek gods. Legend has it that Hera transformed her guardian Argus who had a hundred eyes into a peacock. The feathers of Argus were a mark of the beauty of heaven and the eyes representing the stars in the sky. This is why for the people of Greece the peacock represents heaven and it's all mighty all seeing vision, wisdom, and knowledge.


Asia - In certain parts of Asia there was a mortal known by the name of Quan Yin. The peacock is associated with Quan Yin and her great qualities of charity, compassion, integrity, and good faith towards her fellow man. Quan Yin was very well known because she had the ability to become immortal yet deflected to stay mortal for the greater good of humanity and to assist with their personal and religious growth.

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In many cultures, the peacock is also compared very closely to the powerful and well-known bird The Phoenix. Mainly due to the fact that they are both extremely confident and provide courage to take something from the past, learn from it, better yourself, and then use to open new doors. They represent the quote “When one door shuts another one opens” to perfection. The peacock is associated with rebirth and resurection as is the Phoenix who was risen from death and reborn again. The peacock is a perfect reminder that you can rise again no matter what you have been through


Since the peacock is known to be immune to poisonous snakes and plants and is used to cover the deceased to prevent decaying it is also used by many Shamans to heal certain wounds. The peacock feathers are often placed over or bound around the wound which is believed to then channel out the negative energy, poison, or infection.


What are your true colors? By letting your true self show and showing your real colors you allow and inspire others to do the same. This is the definition of leadership. Not telling someone to do something but instead leading by example. You can’t change others but you can change yourself and inspire others to change themselves.

The colors of the peacock symbolize this. The solar iridescence and beauty of the peacock's feathers are associated with Royalty and the purity of royal blood and the leadership that comes with it. The eyes of the peacock symbolize the all-seeing and wisdom of the heavens.

In short, the peacock is a very special a beautiful animal signifying many great internal and external qualities. We like to wear different peacock items ourselves to remind us of the many qualities that we possess.

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