Heal Your Heart Chakra With Rose Quartz

Everybody needs a love in their life, because to love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.
However sometimes it may seem like we have a mental or physical blockage preventing us from finding true love or even truly loving ourselves.
However there are ways that you can help to attract more love into your life using crystals, specifically rose quartz crystals may be able to help heal your internal blockages that are preventing you from being truly happy and in love.
How exactly can a crystal help you find love?
You see, if the heart or fourth chakra is blocked, it can prevent us from being able to manifest love.
The laws of attraction may be simple, but the heart and spirituality surrounding true love are not.
The heart is a complex vessel, and occasionally it might require a deep, spiritual cleansing and re-evaluating to figure out where and why your blockages might be occurring.
One natural way to do this is utilizing rose quartz crystals to gently free your mind, and your heart from the woes that seem to block love from entering your life.
The fourth chakra is depicted in most artwork as a pinkish ray that extends out from the heart. Some artwork even gives the ray a fuzzed or blurred look at the edges, possibly to signify that “warm, fuzzy feeling” that love is so often described as by the poets.
Perhaps the very color of the heart chakra is the reason that the Rose Quartz crystals are so incredibly healing to this mysterious organ.
A block can come in many forms. It could be due to heartbreak in the past, a deception of some sort, a simple disagreement, or some type of loss.
A blockage can be something small, or something larger and more intense, it all depends on the individual suffering from a spiritual inability to manifest love into their lives.
It is important to understand that a block does not necessarily mean you won’t feel compassion, of fleeting moments of love. A spiritual block of this nature prevents one’s true inner self from opening up and expressing love in its purest form.
There will be feelings of distrust, paranoia, uncomfortable moments and an inability to fully express or enjoy the true purity of real love… love in a deeper, completely unselfish form.
The fourth chakra can harbor traumatic incidents or memories, along with decades old emotional damage… and it can do so for decades to come without proper healing.
This is where Rose Quart pendants can come into play.
Wearing a Rose Quartz pendant around your neck is the most effective way to let this stone attract love into your life because you want to keep this stones loving vibration close to you.

How can we achieve this wondrous feeling with Rose Quartz crystals?

We just simply have to meditate on the crystals with positive thoughts, and allow the inner vibrations of the crystals themselves do the work.

These amazing crystals do not control the laws of attraction; so much as provide the inner emotional release and eventual freedom to allow us to find, feel, and manifest love in a more pure version.

We must cleanse the Rose Quartz crystal and focus on the warmth, and inner vibrations of the stone. Once you feel in tune, rhythmic breathing, in through the nose, out through the mouth.

Try to envision your own fourth chakra as a warm, fuzzy pink glowing ray extending from your chest and taking all your discomfort, anxiety, mental pain and bad energy with it, pushing it far away.

You might even experience some tingling as the negative energy leaves your body.

The stones will become warmer as you hold them during meditation, and afterward… you will find that you will be able to attract love more freely into your life! 

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