Crystal Cleansing and Setting New Intentions for the Supermoon

Yesterday during November's full "supermoon," the moon came closer to Earth than it has been since 1948. It was at its biggest and brightest capacity yesterday morning and with this supermoon comes some serious spiritual shifts.
Around this time during a Supermoon or Full Moon, lunar spiritual effects intensify and any rituals or intentions you practice and set during this time are stronger and more profound than if you were to set them at another time.
What better time than now to kick off your own personal full moon supermoon day after ritual?
1) Charge Those Crystals
The full moon has major regenerative effects on healing crystals of all kinds. Think of it as an engine tune-up — leaving your stones out overnight where the moonlight can touch them, whether outside or on a windowsill, and by morning their energetic properties will be renewed and realigned.
Don't worry about charging all of your crystals if you've amassed a bit of a collection, but it's recommended that you make sure to charge any you use regularly.
Don't have any crystals to charge? Here's where to start.
2) Now is the time to Manifest!
Full moons afford a natural opportunity to look inward and determine what you need most at this moment.
Whether you spend time the night journaling or meditating, the moonlight will lend a greater sense of clarity to your thoughts.
Now is a perfect time to think about yourself apart from everything else that's going on around you — in doing that, you'll know better how to proceed. Reflect, set a plan, and see it through.
Grab a beautiful meditation mat that hold meaning to you like this Lotus Flower Meditation Blanket and go to town with setting your intentions!
3) Do a Mini Cleanse
Cleansing rituals are always beneficial for your heart, mind, body and soul, however doing on during the days before or after a Supermoon, they are especially powerful.
During this this time of year in the winter months we are encouraged to let go of doesn't serve us — a bad habit, a difficult relationship, or needless grief.
That way, when the year comes to an end in a matter of months, we're already free from anything that was holding us back.
4) Let Yourself Feel
Whatever you are feeling called to do, and whatever feelings arise upon meditation and introspection, release those feelings into the universe and let it transform you.
Loosen your grip on what you think you need to be doing at this certain moment in time and just breathe, observe, and allow the energies to heal and empower you.
With this Supermoon let you mind, body, and soul align with your true core values and dig deep into becoming your most authentic self.
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